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Save Up To 70%

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We offer special packages for your treatment that gives you the chance to savings of up to 70%!!

About the Processes

Some of the many features that make Alanya superior to its dental tourism competitors can be summarized as follows:

We will prepare a FREE PLAN for you with no consultancy fees! All you have to do is e-mail us a summary of your dental problems, a recent dental X-Ray and/or several well-lit photographs clearly showing your teeth and gums.

We offer legal guarantees and advantageous dental tourism packages that allow the patient to save up to 80% on international dental costs, while they can expect professionalism, and state-of-the-art technology, when undergoing their dental treatment while on holiday in Turkey.

We offer special packages for your treatment that gives you the chance to savings of up to 70%!!
Free tour and guide
Consultants who speak your language
Package trips

New generation

As an expert dental clinic, we offer a one-stop solution for all your needs using the latest technological equipment available in the evolving digital world.


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As an expert dental clinic, we offer a one-stop solution for all your needs using the latest technological equipment available in the evolving digital world.

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    About the Processes
    Dental Tourism

    Stage 1Contact Us

    Send your previously taken Dental Panoramic X-ray and other photos and documents via Whatsapp or E-mail to our consultant who can speak your language.

    Stage 2Get a free offter!

    Get a quote for treatment and travel.

    Stage 3Travel

    Create a travel plan for your dental holiday with your partner Travel Agency.

    Stage 4Arrival In Alanya

    We provide a free shuttle service to the hotel where you are staying to pick you up from the airport. We give you treatment information by creating quick same-day exam appointments.

    Stage 5Treatment Process

    You will feel much better with the launch of apps that will make you smile.

    Healthy Smiles

    Start your day with a smile: check out our treatments to see how we can help you!
    In cases where you experience tooth loss, a dental implant is made using titanium screws inserted into the jawbone in place of the missing teeth by dental clinic specialists. A dental implant replaces your missing tooth and settles into the bone, just like the root of a tooth.
    A metal-ceramic crown, made of an aesthetic and durable material, is applied to the decaying tooth or teeth of our patients with excessive caries in order to create a strong and lightweight framework.
    If you want both an aesthetic and a durable zirconium coating, specialists with an experienced team are at your service as a dental clinic.
    Buried teeth can negatively affect the patient's nutrition ,violate the aesthetic structure of the teeth. Therefore, it is necessary to treat it, evaluating it from an orthodontic point of view. Thus, all problems with the built-in tooth will disappear. Specialists in buried dental surgeries performed in our dental outpatient clinic, the area where the tooth is located is stunned by local anesthesia, the bone around the tooth is removed, and the buried tooth is pulled out.
    The use of orthodontic treatment is necessary in cases of skeletal disorders of the teeth and jaws, developmental problems, violations in the sequencing of teeth. Specialists of oral and dental clinics provide you with this service in the best format.
    Invisalign is called dental correction therapy, which is performed without the need for a wire. Instead of wire, a transparent, light coating is used. Thanks to this plaque, the teeth achieve the desired beauty. This process, carried out in our expert dental clinic, will allow you to achieve the aesthetic mouth structure you want, thanks to our expert staff.

    Are you ready for treatment ?
    Free consultation and inspection

    Please upload photos of your teeth so that we can tell you exactly the total cost of your dental treatment.
    Your dental photos will be checked by our specialist doctors and qualified specialists, and you will be informed of your total cost of treatment.

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    Our Clinic

    Visit our dental clinic or call us at any time or send an email. We look forward to answering all your questions.



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