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Removable Dentures

Removable Dentures

Although there are many cases of tooth loss today, we prefer to make implant-supported dentures if the bone tissue is suitable. If the patient’s bone structure is not suitable for implantation or the patient’s systemic condition is not suitable for implantation, making a removable prosthesis remains the only treatment option we have.

In cases where all teeth are lost, total dentures are made. These prostheses are fully supported by the jawbone and mucosa and are made of acrylic.

If some of the natural teeth are in the mouth, classic partial dentures or precision dentures are made.

Things to Consider When Using Prosthesis

  • For the health of the tissues of the oral cavity, it would be appropriate to remove the prosthesis in the evening before going to bed. The tissues in your mouth, which are under the pressure of dentures, will at least rest while you sleep.
  • Dentures should be cleaned under the flow with a toothbrush or a suitable denture brush.
  • Bleach, dishwashing detergent and cleaning detergent should never be used when cleaning dentures.
  • Specially produced tablets or solutions should be preferred for cleaning the prosthesis.
  • Rough and unpolished surfaces that may occur on dentures for various reasons make it easier for food residues to accumulate. When the polish of the dentures disappears, go to the dentist as soon as possible and have the dentures polished again.
  • After dentures are removed, they should be stored in a container filled with water.
  • To maintain the health of the tissues of the oral cavity where the prosthesis is placed, you should thoroughly clean the edentulous areas and teeth, if any.
  • It should be known that if the dentures are tightened, the retaining clasp wires surrounding the tooth are tightened outside the physician’s control, the fragility increases because the denture is attached.
  • If the area around the crochet wires is not cleaned well, the relevant tooth will decay and the surrounding gum tissues will become inflamed.
  • Care should be taken to clean the crochet wires and the threads they contact.