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Boat tour

Alanya Boat Tour is the most popular sightseeing and entertainment tour of Alanya organized by wooden tour boats, where you will discover the most beautiful beaches and bays of Alanya.

Cable car

It is a short sightseeing and cultural tour organized by open-top safari jeeps in the cool of the sunset, where you will discover the most beautiful and worth-seeing places of Alanya. The world-famous Cleopatra Beach, named after the ancient Egyptian queen, and Damlataş Cave, famous for its sagging and asthma relief, are magnificent. Alanya Castle, which we will ascend with the Alanya Cable Car, which stands like a crown on the Alanya Peninsula with its view, and the Alanya observation terrace with a magnificent panoramic view that can be seen from many parts of the city, with the words I LOVE ALANYA written on it.


Alanya tandem paragliding is an exciting flight of approximately twenty minutes from a 700 meter high flat hill to Cleopatra beach, accompanied by a professional pilot. Paragliding has been one of the most popular Alanya tours in recent years. The best paragliding price in Antalya is in the Alanya region.

Rafting Tour

Rafting is a natural sport that can be easily practiced by people of all ages without health problems, in boats of 2-6-8-10 people, accompanied by professional guides. The water temperature is 12 degrees, the width is 12 meters and the depth is 1 to 3 meters. There are 3 types of difficulty, which means average by international standards: swimming, photography, animation and lunch breaks.