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Panoramic X-Ray

Panoramic X-Ray

This simple procedure at our dental specialist clinic greatly helps the dentist in diagnosing Teeth or jaw related problems. Seeing a problem in the mouth without any surgery helps and allows the doctor to create a plan of action based on the situation. Thus, internal fractures, root fractures, tumors and impacted teeth are detected.

The presence and location of permanent tooth germs under the milk teeth. Situations such as checking wisdom teeth, the general condition of tooth roots and supporting bone, and examining missing cavities during the examination are observed with the help of simple films.

This is an X-ray a doctor must see before surgery involving the jaw and teeth. This is because these X-rays provide a broad view of the area to be treated and increase the success of the operation.

With the digital system used, image quality increases and the amount of radiation received by the patient is minimized. Since this X-ray is an oral X-ray, it is extremely convenient for patients.