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 Dental Experts | Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic QUALITY POLICY AND QUALITY STUDIESDocument NoUZ.YD.04
First release date01.07.2021
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Our aim is

Ensuring the implementation of the quality management system (SKS) within the institution,

To create a suitable working and service environment by keeping the satisfaction and safety of our patients, relatives and employees at the highest level,

To implement quality service awareness in all units as management and employees and to ensure the participation of employees in quality by creating in-service training programs,

By effectively implementing the Quality Management System and developing it with continuous improvement studies; To be a reliable and always preferred ADSP that is taken as an example in our region in the ADSP sector and meets the expectations of patients at the highest level.

Quality studies in our institution are carried out by the “Quality Management Unit” with the support of the management and department quality officers; It is carried out in line with the AACI Standards-ADSP set.

Quality officers have been appointed for each department according to AACI standards.

Physical Area Inspections

In our institution; Building tours are held at regular intervals in order to create permanent, safe and easily accessible physical conditions and technical infrastructure of the center for patients, their relatives and employees.
The team formed by the top management is defined to ensure the effectiveness, continuity and systematicity of the work carried out, taking into account the size of the institution and the diversity of services.
During building tours, deficiencies in the physical condition and functioning of the institution are identified and necessary improvements are made.

Internal Audit Process Within the scope of AACI, an internal audit (internal audit) is conducted in our institution once a year.

The Internal Audit plan is prepared to cover all sections included in AACI Standards.
Before the Internal Audit (internal audit), all departments are informed about the audit schedule and plan via internal correspondence.
*While preparing the above text, AACI Standards-ADSP Set was used.


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