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Experts Oral and Dental Polyclinic was established

Uzmanlar Oral and Dental Polyclinic was founded by Tuncay Sarmaz in 2014 and provides services according to the standards of 4 modern fully equipped hospitals in Alanya and aims to provide you with high quality service. Our clinic is always equipped with the latest technology, offers the best service, ensures the highest customer satisfaction and gives you every opportunity.


Service to Resident Foreign and Local Persons

Our clinic also adopts the quality approach of all its units and maintains it in the long term to ensure the satisfaction of our customers and employees.


Focus on Dental Tourism

The center also has its own patient suites. Accommodation in these suites is free for all our patients during the treatment period. Transfers to and from the airport are also arranged.

With a population of over 1.7 million, Alanya is the third largest city in Southeastern Europe after Istanbul and Athens. In addition to its size, the people of Alanya are proud to be called the city of young people, since more than 40% of its residents are between the ages of 15 and 44. Alanya is a very friendly and talkative crowd, always ready to party. Therefore, Alanya’s nightlife, similar views of the city on social networks, etc. It is one of the most exciting places in the world, as its increasingly shared visitors witness.


Expansion across Europe

We stand out from others because our patients trust us, and we do our best to maintain that trust. We guarantee the protection of our patients with our experience, expertise and continuous professional development. We have a solid foundation to post a success rate higher than that recorded globally, and our practical work bears witness to this. Success can only be measured by those who have kept their own statistical records for a period of at least ten years, and such an assessment requires at least 15 years of experience. Any assessment given without such analysis is unreliable and lacks realistic foundations.

As Uzmanlar Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic, we address all segments with our specialist doctors in all treatments at international standards, taking advantage of all the possibilities of technology. In addition, thanks to our health tourism compliance certificate, we provide uninterrupted and safe service to patients abroad.