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Dental Treatment Process Steps

  1. Information Submission : Send your information via WhatsApp or Email. If you have a panoramic X-ray, you can send it to our clinic via email or mail.
  2. Treatment and Costs : We examine your panoramic X-ray, determine the necessary treatments, and inform you about the cost of the treatment.
  3. Appointment Date : Once your consent is obtained, we mutually set a start date for your appointment. If you have previously received fillings, periodontal treatment, tooth extraction, and X-ray treatment, we can shorten your treatment duration in Turkey.
  4. Travel : When you decide to receive treatment at our clinic, we can arrange for your flight, transfer, hotel, etc. We provide all your travel arrangements through our affiliated travel agency.
  5. Post-Treatment and Follow-Up : Combining your holiday with treatment, dental tourism can be an opportunity for you to receive low-cost and high-quality dental care. Contact us for more information.