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Sedation is not a fainting process and the mind continues to perceive everything.

Sedation is a very effective method, especially for patients in exceptional circumstances.

  • Patients and children experiencing mental and physical health problems,
  • Those with dentist phobia,
  • People with hyperactivity problems,
  • Sedation can also be applied only upon the patient’s request.
  • Long-term dental surgeries, if taken in one day caused by time,
  • Patients who cannot be measured on the dental impression experience severe nausea,

Considering that a patient who is afraid of teething may be agitated to a level that may interfere with the doctor, sedation is performed

Sedation does not crush the tooth area. To do this, general or local anesthesia is used. The sedative effect has only a calming effect. Numbness, numbness has no effect. The patient can do what he says and understands what he says.